What Snack for Summer is Recommended? Here Are the List

Have a good holiday without a snack for summer is not very good. Because food is one of the best things to make someone happy during a vacation. So, wherever you go, make sure that you bring some good food to boost the mood. Some foods are very good for your summer vibes. Here are the lists.

Egg and Salad

Egg and salad is a nutritious food that very easy to make. You can make this food with some bread, cookies, fruits, and also juice. Not only healthful, but it is also delicious. If you have spare time, you can make it with bento decorations and make the food tastier.

Roast Turkey

You can roast a turkey. Then, you can make some seasoning sauce with tomatoes and corn. You can add some onions, cabbage, and eggplant. The sauce can be spicier if you add some chili or pepper. If you eat that food, the taste will be good and some ingredients contain calcium, proteins, and fiber.

Butter Cookies for Tea Time

Summer is a great time to relax. You can have a good tea time with friends or family. You can choose the best tea that will bring joy to mental health. Green tea or jasmine tea are recommended for relaxation. It is more important if you have a problem with anxiety or mood swings.

To make your tea time more comfortable, enjoy some butter cookies too. These sweet cookies have a soft texture that is easy to chew and swallow. The ingredients are very nutritious and complete. So, you can enjoy tea time during summer with a great vibe.

Danisa Butter Cream is a recommended brand if you search for a good one. The buttes cookies from Danisa are appetizing. You can eat this food with tea, juice, or other beverages for a complete snack for summer